The Top 3 Most Common Rules in Chat Rooms

The Top 3 Most Common Rules in Chat Rooms
the top 3 most common rules in chat rooms

Have you ever wanted to join an online chat room community, but had no idea what the guidelines are?

You’re possibly breaking rules without even knowing.

The first difference to know is that rules and guidelines are actually two different things.

Guidelines are more of a suggestion on how to behave.

Rules try to carry an absolute factor about things you aren’t allowed to do.

Generally, breaking the rules will result in a kick or ban, but not following guidelines is mostly just frowned upon.

We’ve compiled a list of 3 common rules in every chat room that you should know.

1. Do Not Flood Chat Rooms with Spam

do not flood chat rooms with spam
Spamming is one of the most vital chat rules, as well as the one that is broken the most.

There is a thin line between what is just repeating something and what is spam.

So, what is it?

Spam is something that is taking up space without actually adding anything relevant to a conversation.

For example, posting about peanut butter recipes in a chat that is discussing sports psychology is seen as spam.

The reason for this is:

  • It’s irrelevant to the topic
  • It doesn’t add anything to the discussion
  • You’re advertising something unrelated to the conversation

Be very cautious about spamming because most chat sites have a strict anti-spam policy.

2. Try Not to Share Links in Public Rooms

try not to share links in public rooms
Posting links is another common rule that will get you kicked or ban if you break it.

The reason behind this is that chat sites don’t want users being afraid of using their platform because a link can lead to malicious content.

External websites could also lead to material people don’t approve of, but generally, the major concern is malware or viruses.

Internet safety is incredibly important, especially for the owners of a chat site.

Don’t worry though, most chat rooms have filters that do not allow you to post links in the first place.

3. Don’t Harass Other Users

dont harass other users
While not a rule, it’s a major guideline to not harass your fellow community members.

When you are being a genuinely nasty person to someone else it ruins the chat experience as a whole.

Most admins will give you a fair warning but repeating the offense will get you removed from the site.

If you are harassing people online then you will likely make new enemies instead of friends.

Don’t go into chat rooms looking to pick fights with your fellow users.

Go have fun and meet new friends!

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