How to Tell If Someone Is Using You in Chat Rooms

How to Tell If Someone Is Using You in Chat Rooms
How to Tell If Someone Is Using You in Chat Rooms

To some of us being friendly comes naturally, but to others, it’s difficult to achieve.

However, have you ever considered the possibility of being too friendly?

You may think there’s no such thing as too friendly, but there are people who take advantage of those that let them!

There’s a fine line between being a nice person and a pushover.

Most of the time, it’ll be easy to spot your true friends versus someone who’s just talking to you for their won been

We’re here to help you identify the signs that someone is trying to use you with 3 simple steps.

1. They Seem To Have Hidden Motives

they seem to have hidden motives
Often times when someone is being too nice it could be a sign they are actually up to no good.

If you have a sneaky feeling that a person has a hidden agenda then you’re probably right.

However, be careful not to shut everyone out that is extremely nice to you.

A good way to gauge a person’s motives is to ask them questions about why they are on the chat site.

Here’s a small list of things to check to find out:

  • What are you here for?
  • Why did you choose to talk to me?
  • What are some qualities you value in a friend?

They might seem like generic questions, but usually, this is a good starter to help you figure out what type of person you’re talking to.

If any of the answers sound fishy or unnatural then you should approach them with caution.
The more you talk to someone the more you’ll what indicates their behavior.

Trust your senses when it comes down to the final decision whether or not you think they’re just nice or have an ulterior motive!

2. Be Careful Of What You Say

be careful what you say
Interrogating people can come off as rude or stand-offish.

Make sure you don’t say anything immediately to offend someone before you even start trying to figure them out.

If emotions get involved it’ll be hard to find proper answers.

Also, if someone is rude to you, just remember that you can easily ignore them and not ignite the flame even further.

Those are the people that are definitely not worth your time right from the get-go.

Aggressive users who threaten you are definitely a tell-tale sign of someone who’s out to get something from you.

Don’t interact with them any further and immediately stop all contact if this happens.

3. The Buck Stops With You

the buck stops with you
Of course, all this advice doesn’t mean for you to not be nice to people who might come off as rude at the start.

Maybe they’re also trying to figure you out and be cautious themselves.

Make sure you don’t forsake potential friendships because you’re over-analyzing.

If someone is bullying, trying to get personal information or any other provoking acts like that, then you have reason to be concerned that they’re trying to use you for something malicious.

When this does happen, be absolutely sure you stop it before it even starts.

Use your intuition to see if it’s best to leave stop replying or tell them you’re going to be busy and have to leave.

Otherwise, you’re free to continue chatting up potential future friends.

Have fun talking to people, but also use your gut to gauge whether or not someone might be up to no good!

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